I’ve always loved eating, there is no doubt in that. The number of times my Mum scolded me for eating too quickly! My favourite things? Definitely sweet stuff. My go to for comfort though is always going to be spicy food.

My love of cooking came later. Being a child of Indian & Tanzanian Indian immigrants, education was the most important thing growing up. My Mum told me recently she didn’t pressure me to help in the kitchen as she didn’t want me to be distracted from my studies. I wish she had though as she is an amazing cook – the best for traditional Indian food that I know. I can only hope to be as intuitive as her when it comes to flavour.

It was only when I started living alone almost eight years ago that I really became interested in cooking. I think being able to experiment and make mistakes without any witnesses was definitely an incentive. Though these still occur, I can happily say they are less frequent.

Having been brought up in suburban East London, and then moving further in to Hackney, I’ve always been surrounded by people from lots of different countries and consequently a huge variety of flavours. The appeal of tasting something new has not dissipated, and I’m always keen to experiment with unfamiliar ingredients in both my cooking and my eating.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts and are inspired enough to have a go at some of the recipes.



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